There is a strong oxidizing, corrosive, inorganic acid,Nitric acid than sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid small(PKa=-1.3),easily soluble in water,Completely ionized in water, solventcolorless transparent,meet light easy decompose.For the manufacture of fertilizers, explosives, nitrate, etc., in organic chemistry, concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid nitration reagent mixture is important.

Hydrogen peroxide: Chemical formula:H2O2,water solvent is Hydrogen peroxide,Appearance:colorless transparent liquid,is a strong oxidant, for consumption and wound environment, food sterilization.

CAS No.:74-89-5 Appearance:transparent colorless liquid

English name:Dimethylamine CAS No.:124-40-3 Molecular formula::C2H7N

Colorless gas at room temperature,Anabaena odor, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, flammable, toxic, Relative density(water=1)0.66(-5℃),(Air=1)2.09.Molecular formula:为C3H9N,Can be used as analytical reagents in organic synthesis

It is a common chemical reaction solvent pure Dimethylformamide was no smell, but the Industrial grade or deterioration of the Dimethylformamide have Anabaena taste, it contains dimethyl amine impurities. The name is because it is a source of amide (amide acid) and dimethyl substituted derivatives, while the two methyl are located in the N (nitrogen) atoms.

English name:Dimethylacetamide CAS No.:127-19-5 Molecular formula::C4H9NO

Methyl alcohol is colorless volatile liquid. Toxic, drinking or 5 to 10 ml can be blind, a lot of drinking leads to death. For the manufacture of formaldehyde and pesticides, and used as organic extractant agent and denatured alcohol usually by the carbon monoxide and hydrogen reaction.

Glyoxylic acid is a white crystal, unpleasant odor, Anhydrous Glyoxylic acidMelting point: 98 ℃, hydrate Melting point: 70 ~ 75 ℃, monohydrate Melting point: 50 ℃ or so, its water-soluble, water-solvent yellow; insoluble in ether, ethanol and benzene, etc. in a short time exposed to air that is able to absorb moisture into the slurry and corrosive.

Be used as solvent in resin and plastics industry. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, plastic and photographic film fields.

it is used for the production of acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate monomer, acetic acid ester, metal acetate, chloroacetic acid and cellulose acetate; it is also used as analytical reagent, solvent and immersion cleaning agent in the production acetic ether, food flavoring agent and wine flavoring agent.

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