Trimethylamine aqueous solution 30%
Trimethylamine:colorless gas at room temperature,Anabaena odor, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, flammable, toxic, Relative density(water=1)0.66(-5℃),(Air=1)2.09.Molecular formula: C3H9N,Can be used as analytical reagents in organic synthesis
NN National Number :21045
CAS No.:75-50-3
Molecular weight:59.11
Flash point:-17.78
Melting point:-117.1℃
Boiling point:24℃
TrimethylamineFor the manufacture of choline chloride, ion exchange resins, rubber chemicals, but also for the manufacture of chemical solvents, surfactants, photographic materials, reagents, plant growth, CCC addition, also for medicine, dyes produce


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