Dimethylformamide(DMF)Is a transparent liquid, soluble in water and most organic solvents.It is a common chemical reaction solvent pure Dimethylformamide was no smell, but the Industrial grade or deterioration of the Dimethylformamide have Anabaena taste, it contains dimethyl amine impurities. The name is because it is a source of amide (amide acid) and dimethyl substituted derivatives, while the two methyl are located in the N (nitrogen) atoms. Dimethylformamide is a high Boiling point: the polar (hydrophilic) aprotic solvent, can promote the conduct of SN2 reaction mechanism.
English name: Dimethylformamide;N,N-Dimethylformamide;DMF
CAS No.:68-12-2
Physicochemical property:colorless,Light liquid ammonia odor .Molecular formula:C3-H7-N-O.Molecular weight73.10.Relative density0.9445(25℃).Melting point:-61℃.Boiling point:152.8℃.Flash point:57.78℃.Vapor density2.51.Vapor pressure:0.49kpa(3.7mmHg25℃).Ignition point:445℃.Refractive index1.42817,Solubility parameterδ=12.1.Vapor and air mixture explosion limit: 2.2~15.2 % .With water and usually organic solvents. In case of fire, heat can cause a fire explosion. With concentrated sulfuric acid, fuming nitric acid reacts violently or even explode. Risk Marker 7 (flammable liquids) mainly for Industry Use solvents, pharmaceutical Industry for the production of vitamins, hormones, also for the manufacture of chlordimeform


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