Glyoxylic acid50%
Glyoxylic acid is a white crystal, unpleasant odor, Anhydrous Glyoxylic acidMelting point: 98 ℃, hydrate Melting point: 70 ~ 75 ℃, monohydrate Melting point: 50 ℃ or so, its water-soluble, water-solvent yellow; insoluble in ether, ethanol and benzene, etc. in a short time exposed to air that is able to absorb moisture into the slurry and corrosive.
CAS No.:298-12-4

Chemical formula:C2H2O3;CHOCOOH

Molecular weight:74.04
Boiling point:111℃
Physicochemical property:The product is solvent is transparent to light yellow liquid. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene.
Quality Indicator:
Specification Indicator
20% Specification
40% Specification
Glyoxylic acid(C2H2O3)
Oxalic acid(C2H2O4)
Glyoxal( C2H2O2 )%
Hydrochloric acid (HCI )%
Appearance:light yellow transparent liquid
Packing:25KG&200KG plastic drum Packing.
Storage:in dark,dry and ventilate place.
widely used in cosmetics, flavoring agent and fixative agents, chemicals flavor, food.used as a good skin wound healing agent, high-end cosmetics, additives and plant growth regulating agents in medicine, Glyoxylic acid used for preparation hydroxyphenylglycine (amoxicillin and Cephalexin penicillin raw materials), p-acetamide (for making the treatment of cardiovascular disease and hypertension effective material - a for Seoul), and the hydroxy acid, p-hydantoin and other pharmaceutical products.


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