Methyl alcohol
Methyl alcohol is colorless volatile liquid. Toxic, drinking or 5 to 10 ml can be blind, a lot of drinking leads to death. For the manufacture of formaldehyde and pesticides, and used as organic extractant agent and denatured alcohol usually by the carbon monoxide and hydrogen reaction.
Alias:Methyl alcohol

Appearance and property:colorless and clear liquid,A pungent odor. Slight alcohol-like odor, volatile, mobile, smokeless blue flame combustion, with water, alcohols, ethers and other organic solvents, a variety of compounds with the formation of azeotropic mixtures, with immiscible solvent to form a variety of compounds, Solubility is better than ethanol, can dissolve many inorganic salts such as sodium iodide, calcium chloride, ammonium nitrate, copper sulphate, silver nitrate, ammonium chloride and sodium chloride and so on. easy to fuel vapor and air can form explosive limit of 6.0% -36.5% (volume), toxic, usually drinking or 15ml can cause blindness.

Melting point:(℃):-97.8
EINECS No. 200-659-6[2]
CAS No.:67-56-1
Relative density(water=1):0.79
Boiling point:(℃):64.8
Relative Vapor density(Air=1):1.11
Saturated vapor pressure(kPa):13.33(21.2℃)
Solubility:Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, etc. Most organic solvents.


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