Dimethylamine aqueous solution 40%
English name:Dimethylamine
Molecular formula::C2H7N
Molecular weight:45.08
CAS No.:124-40-3
Quality Indicator:
Appearance:Colorless flammable gas or liquid
Packing:200L iron drum packing
Physicochemical property:
Boiling point: 6.9℃ Relative density 0.654 Refractive index 1.347 Flash point: -17.78℃ Solubility easily soluble in water,Soluble in ethanol and ether. 1,Methylamine:≤0.1%;2,Dimethylamine:≥40.0%;3,Trimethylamine:≤0.1%;4, Ammonia :≤0.01%.
Use:For the production of drugs, dyes, pesticides, leather, hair, rubber vulcanization accelerator, rocket propellant and other raw materials.


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